How to Know if Your House Plant is Not Getting Enough Sun

Is Your Plant Getting Enough Sun?

All plant parents, at one time or another, have struggled with a houseplant that isn’t getting enough sun. We recently had a plant that just wasn’t thriving in indirect light. At first, we thought it was an issue with water or soil. But after some research, we found it was displaying all the signs of … Read more

Top Reasons Your Maidenhair Fern is Dying with Solutions

Maidenhair Fern

We recently bought a nearly dead maidenhair fern from a garage sale. We researched every possible solution to save this beautiful houseplant. We found out why these plants don’t survive in certain conditions and brought ours back to life. So, why is your maidenhair fern dying? Too much sunlight, temperatures above 75 or below 60 … Read more