Hi there! I’m Cindy and welcome to my website, Houseplant Help!

Have you always wanted to grow beautiful plants indoors but didn’t know how? Or are you convinced that you have a black thumb?

That used to be me, too. I have a thriving indoor garden now, but when I started out 20 years ago, I experienced a lot of failures. On this site, I’ll share everything I’ve learned with you!

My goal is to help you grow and enjoy beautiful houseplants (and become the envy of all your friends, of course).

My Journey with Plants

I grew up surrounded by plants. My mother was one of those lucky people born with a talent for growing things. I was always amazed at her ability to take the sorriest looking plants and transform them into lush, gorgeous additions to her garden.

She did give me some of that knowledge, I’ll admit. But when I struck out on my own and she sent me off with an armful of plants to my first apartment, I discovered I did not possess her same talent.

I was determined to learn. It didn’t come as easy to me, but eventually I started to get the hang of it. I read dozens of books, experimented with lighting, water, and location. And eventually… something clicked.

After a few years, I looked around and realized I had managed to keep my plants alive. Not only that, but they were thriving. I continued honing my craft, and now I have a houseplant collection my mother would be proud of.

About Houseplant Help

This website is a labor of love created by me and my husband. I do most of the writing, and he takes many of the pictures you see here.

On this site, you’ll find guidance on selecting, caring for, maintaining, and troubleshooting a wide variety of different houseplants. From cacti to ferns. From the popular to the obscure.

You’ll also find recommendations for my favorite products and accessories, buying guides, and information on how to make this work even on a small budget (like me in that first apartment).


You can contact me by email or on social media:

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you find something helpful while you’re here!