Why is My Flowering Maple Wilting? (3 Easy Fixes)

why is my flowering maple wilting

Flowering maple (Abutilon hybridum) makes a lovely indoor houseplant if given proper care. However, it’s prone to leaf drop if certain needs aren’t being met. The most important are water, light, and temperature. So, why is my flowering maple wilting? Uneven watering, too much direct sunlight, and improper temperatures can cause flowering maple to wilt. … Read more

Flowering Maple Houseplant Care: Grow Abutilon Indoors

Abutilon is called “flowering maple” because of its broad, five-lobed leaves that look very similar to maple leaves. However, this plant is not a true maple. In fact, it’s more closely related to hollyhock. Other names for this plant include Chinese lantern, parlor maple, and Indian mallow. When given proper care, flowering maple will reward … Read more