How to Make Pothos Fuller

how to make pothos fuller

In this post, I’ll share my secrets on how to make pothos fuller, healthier, and bushier! And the best part is it’s a lot easier than you think. Do you have a scraggly, leggy pothos plant? I had the same problem with my pothos. It was growing a couple long vines, but it wasn’t become … Read more

Do Pothos Leaves Get Bigger After Unfurling?

Do Pothos Leaves Get Bigger After Unfurling

If you’re new to growing this plant and its is producing small leaves, you’re probably wondering, “Do pothos leaves get bigger after unfurling?” I asked the same question the first time I saw new growth on my first Pothos plant. Will I be stuck with these tiny leaves forever? The good news is no, you … Read more

Why is My Chinese Evergreen Turning Yellow?

Why is My Chinese Evergreen Turning Yellow

Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema commutatum) is an easy-to-grow foliage plant, but you can run into problems if you don’t provide the right conditions. Luckily, it’s not hard to fix issues with this hardy houseplant. It will usually bounce back from minor neglect. So, why is your Chinese evergreen turning yellow? Temperatures dropping too low, too much … Read more

Do Plants Die of Old Age?

Plants Die of Old Age

The last stage of a plant’s life cycle is death. So yes, plants can die of old age. All plants keep growing until they die, but the total life span depends on the type of plant. Some plants live for many years, while others die after only a few months – once they’ve produced flowers … Read more