Peace Lily Flowers Turning Brown? That’s (Mostly) Normal!

Peace Lily Flowers Turning Brown

Peace lily flowers turn brown naturally when they reach the end of their life cycle. It’s completely normal, and not something you should worry about if your plant is otherwise healthy. However, there may be some cases where flowers turn brown prematurely. Let’s take a look at why the flowers turn brown (including care-related reasons), … Read more

Is Your Kangaroo Fern Dying? Common Problems & Fixes

Kangaroo Paw Fern

When we saw a struggling Kangaroo Fern in the clearance section of Lowe’s a few weeks ago, we bought it – even though it had seen better days. We figured out how to revive it, and now it’s thriving. Kangaroo Paw Fern (Microsorum diversifolium) isn’t too hard to care for indoors, but there are a … Read more

Why Anthurium Leaves Have Brown Spots & What to Do About It

Anthurium leaf scald due to too much sun.

Anthurium (also known as flamingo flower) is a popular and relatively easy-to-grow tropical houseplant. While diseases are not common, occasionally the plant’s leaves can develop brown spots. After years of growing anthurium, we finally experienced this issue too. Not wanting to lose our plant, we learned what was wrong and what to do about it. … Read more