Why is My Angel Wing Begonia Dropping Leaves?

Angel wing begonia (Begonia corallina) is a relatively easy to grow indoor flower. However, there are a few mistakes houseplant growers can make that might cause issues like leaf drop. So, why is my angel wing begonia dropping leaves? The most likely cause is over-watering. It’s easy to over-water begonias when growing them indoors. This … Read more

Easter Cactus Leaves Wrinkled? Here’s an Easy Fix!

Easter cactus (Hatiora gaertneri) looks very similar to the more popular Christmas cactus, except it blooms in spring instead of winter. Pink to brilliant red flowers form at the ends of flat, leaf-like green branches. These “leaves” can become wrinkled if the plant doesn’t receive proper care. So, why are you Easter cactus leaves wrinkled? … Read more

Why is My Calathea Ornata Dying? (6 Causes & Solutions)

why is my calathea ornata dying

Calathea ornata, also known as pinstripe plant or pinstripe calathea, is a tropical houseplant with gorgeous, striped foliage. It needs high humidity, proper lighting, and moist soil to grow well. In this post, I’ll cover all the reasons your calathea might not be thriving (and offer solutions). Why is my Calathea ornata dying? The most … Read more

Why is My Angel Wing Begonia Dying? (6 Causes & Solutions)

why is my angel wing begonia dying

Angel wing begonia (also known known as Begonia corallina or cane begonia) is an easy-to-grow flowering houseplant that blooms profusely throughout the year with proper care. Although it’s typically quite hardy, there are a few reasons your plant might not be thriving. Why is my angel wing begonia dying? Too much sunlight, low temperatures, dry … Read more

Why is My Zebra Plant Dying? (Causes & Solutions)

Aphelandra squarrosa flowers

Zebra plant (Aphelandra squarrosa) is a beautiful houseplant that produces delicate yellow flowers if exposed to bright light long enough in the fall. However, it’s also prized for its attractive foliage – large, striped leaves that resemble a zebra’s stripes. Whether you grow this plant for flowers or foliage (or both), keeping it happy can … Read more