Why is My Angel Wing Begonia Dropping Leaves?

Angel wing begonia (Begonia corallina) is a relatively easy to grow indoor flower. However, there are a few mistakes houseplant growers can make that might cause issues like leaf drop. So, why is my angel wing begonia dropping leaves? The most likely cause is over-watering. It’s easy to over-water begonias when growing them indoors. This … Read more

Why is My Angel Wing Begonia Dying? (6 Causes & Solutions)

why is my angel wing begonia dying

Angel wing begonia (also known known as Begonia corallina or cane begonia) is an easy-to-grow flowering houseplant that blooms profusely throughout the year with proper care. Although it’s typically quite hardy, there are a few reasons your plant might not be thriving. Why is my angel wing begonia dying? Too much sunlight, low temperatures, dry … Read more

Begonia Corallina Care (Angel Wing Begonia)

Begonia corallina (angel wing begonia) is the best type of begonia to grow as a houseplant. With beautiful wing-shaped, spotted leaves and elegant flower clusters, it makes a gorgeous display in any room – provided there’s enough light. Dozens of species and cultivars are available, and they vary in size, leaf pattern, and flower color. … Read more