Snake Plant Care Guide: How to Care for Sansevieria Indoors

Snake Plant

TEMPERATURE: 60 – 75 degrees F (15 – 24 degrees C) LIGHT: Bright, indirect (but will tolerate low light) HUMIDITY: Low SAFETY: Toxic to humans and pets when ingested, juice from leaves may cause dermatitis DIFFICULTY: Easy Snake plant (Sansevieria), also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is my number one favorite houseplant. It’s the easiest plant … Read more

10 Best Indoor Flowers for Beginners: Easy to Grow Bloomers

Best Indoor Flowers for Beginners

If you’re new to houseplants (or at least the blooming variety), these easy to grow indoor flowers provide visual appeal while being easy enough for a beginner. I’ve chosen plants for this list that require the least amount of fuss and tolerate the most mistakes and neglect while remaining attractive. Here are my top picks … Read more