Why is My Angel Wing Begonia Dying? (6 Causes & Solutions)

why is my angel wing begonia dying

Angel wing begonia (also known known as Begonia corallina or cane begonia) is an easy-to-grow flowering houseplant that blooms profusely throughout the year with proper care. Although it’s typically quite hardy, there are a few reasons your plant might not be thriving. Why is my angel wing begonia dying? Too much sunlight, low temperatures, dry … Read more

How to Care for Rieger Begonia Indoors (Begonia Hiemalis)

how to care for rieger begonia indoors

Rieger begonias, also known as Begonia x hiemalis or winter-blooming begonias, are typically discarded after a single season of flowering. But they are perennials, and it’s possible to keep them going for years by propagating or giving them a rest period after blooming. You can typically find rieger begonia for sale in mid winter, just … Read more

Begonia Corallina Care (Angel Wing Begonia)

Begonia corallina (angel wing begonia) is the best type of begonia to grow as a houseplant. With beautiful wing-shaped, spotted leaves and elegant flower clusters, it makes a gorgeous display in any room – provided there’s enough light. Dozens of species and cultivars are available, and they vary in size, leaf pattern, and flower color. … Read more

10 Best Indoor Flowers for Beginners: Easy to Grow Bloomers

Best Indoor Flowers for Beginners

If you’re new to houseplants (or at least the blooming variety), these easy to grow indoor flowers provide visual appeal while being easy enough for a beginner. I’ve chosen plants for this list that require the least amount of fuss and tolerate the most mistakes and neglect while remaining attractive. Here are my top picks … Read more