19 Best Houseplants for Black Thumbs

When I first started growing houseplants, I had what you might call a “black thumb.” I was terrible with them – or at least that’s what I thought. The truth is I was just inexperienced, and I started with plants that were too difficult for a beginner (except for my beloved pothos). After two decades … Read more

6 Best Indoor Palms for Low Light

Best Indoor Palms for Low Light

I recently received an email from a reader inquiring about the best indoor palms for low light. This reader particularly asked about Lady Palm vs. Cat Palm – both of which perform well in lower light. But I recommended Lady Palm, as I’ve found it’s the most tolerant of dimmer areas. However, there are several … Read more

8 Best Indoor Trees that Actually Thrive in Low Light

Areca Palm Indoor Tree

We bought our first house with no idea that we should pay attention to the windows and sunlight for growing houseplants. We ended up in a home with many low light areas. Over the years we’ve found several trees that survive and even thrive in indirect or filtered light. Here’s a list of the best … Read more