25 Best Plants for North Facing Windows

North Facing Window Plants

Do you have a north-facing window in your home that you want to fill with plants? Well, this is the guide for you! I’m sharing my top picks for the best plants for north facing windows. Not every plant can survive in the lower, indirect light provided by northern windows. But there are many that … Read more

Maidenhair Fern Plant Care Guide: How to Care For Adiantum

Maidenhair Fern

TEMPERATURE: 55 to 75 degrees F (13 to 24 degrees C) LIGHT: Bright, indirect HUMIDITY: High SAFETY: Non-toxic to pets DIFFICULTY: Challenging Maidenhair fern, also known as Adiantum, produces beautiful fronds made of lacy, fan-shaped leaflets on glossy black stems that reach up to 18-inches in length when grown in a pot (depending on the … Read more

Top Reasons Your Maidenhair Fern is Dying with Solutions

Maidenhair Fern

We recently bought a nearly dead maidenhair fern from a garage sale. We researched every possible solution to save this beautiful houseplant. We found out why these plants don’t survive in certain conditions and brought ours back to life. So, why is your maidenhair fern dying? Too much sunlight, temperatures above 75 or below 60 … Read more