Dieffenbachia Leaves Turning Brown? Try These Fixes!

The most common problem with dieffenbachia (and the reason it doesn’t quite make it onto my list of easy-to-grow houseplants) is leaf burn due to fluctuations in fertilizer and light levels. These issues, along with too little moisture, can all cause dieffenbachia leaves to turn brown. So, why are my dieffenbachia leaves turning brown? Too … Read more

25 Best Plants for North Facing Windows

North Facing Window Plants

Do you have a north-facing window in your home that you want to fill with plants? Well, this is the guide for you! I’m sharing my top picks for the best plants for north facing windows. Not every plant can survive in the lower, indirect light provided by northern windows. But there are many that … Read more

Dieffenbachia Plant Care Guide: How to Care For Dumb Cane


Dieffenbachia, also known as dumb cane, is a popular houseplant that’s been in cultivation for a long time due to its attractive foliage. Although it’s found in many homes and offices, the plant is not pet-friendly and can cause serious damage to humans if consumed. The common name “dumb cane” stems from the plant’s ability … Read more

Top 10 Best Houseplants for Allergy Sufferers

Best Houseplants for Allergy Sufferers

I’ve suffered from seasonal allergies ever since we moved to the midwest seven years ago. There’s something in the air – especially in spring and fall – that my body just doesn’t like. After years of growing houseplants, I’ve found the best ones to help purify the air and prevent side effects related to allergies. … Read more